ER Systems, LLC


ER Systems, LLC. (ER Systems) is a small, cutting edge environmental consulting firm designed to provide clients a unique combination of environmental engineering, consulting, and construction services. 

Emmerich Knoebl, President/CEO and founder of ER Systems is a 24-year veteran in the environmental and engineering industries.  Always serving as a key team member within some of the top consulting firms in the world, he is known for his commitment to excellence and dedication to client satisfaction.  This commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of ER Systems’ mission.  ER Systems’ mission is to provide quality service at a reasonable cost while recognizing that it is the client who determines if quality service is successfully provided. 

ER Systems’ strength derives from highly trained technical experts and professionals specializing in:

  • § Phase I- Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for Environmental Property Transaction Screens and Assessments.

  • § Phase II- Environmental Investigation Sampling and Assessments for Characterizing Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs)

  • § Phase III-  Abatement and Environmental Remediation to Clean up or Abate Known Environmental Impacts

  • §  Soil Vapor Sampling and Assessments

  • §  Soil, Air and Groundwater Sampling and Abatement Services

  • §  Risk Assessment (RBCA)

  • §  Construction Management

  • §  Emergency Response

  • §  Agency Negotiation and Interaction

  • §  Regulatory Rule and Statute Development

  • §  Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

  • §  Spill Pollution Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC)

ER Systems is structured to provide the most technically proficient staff for any project task while maintaining the lowest possibleoverhead.  This allows us to address our clients’ simple compliance issues through their most complex concerns using the most economic means available. 

Our staff includes scientists and engineers experienced as project managers, construction professionals, risk managers, regulatory experts and environmental strategists.  Professional Geology registrations are maintained in several states.  We carry general liability and professional insurance that meets and often exceeds client requirements.  ER Systems offices are located in Carefree, Arizona.


We at ER Systems take pride in our expertise and ability in all aspects of site investigation, remediation and closure.  Our experience and expertise includes site investigations through remediation design, implementation and closure.  In addition, we provide emergency leak response, risk based corrective action and overall state and federal regulatory compliance.  ER Systems manages dozens of projects for major oil companies, small private fuel distributors and municipalities throughout Arizona. 

ER Systems is committed to providing exceptional technical and project management service and is capable of completing all phases of investigative and remediation work for project sites as well as for facilities requiring State and federal permitting, compliance and emergency response.  Our general experience and approach to the various investigative and remedial services we offer include:


Emergency Release Response and Investigation

ER Systems personnel have conducted numerous emergency release response and remediation actions and release investigations for contaminated surface and subsurface soil and groundwater sites.  Quick response to a fuel release is absolutely vital to minimizing contaminant migration and future investigation/remediation costs. 

A cost-effective and technically appropriate release characterization investigation requires a combination of ER Systems’ regulatory knowledge, understanding of contaminant migration, fate and transport characteristics and technical experience. We recognize that the quality of data collected during the investigative phase of a project is absolutely vital when designing an effective remediation program for the future.  ER Systems’ release investigation experience covers a wide range of sampling, monitoring and investigative techniques, including:

§  Soil gas survey investigations;

§  Drilling and soil sample collection;

§  Excavation sample collection;

§  Hand auger sample collection;

§  Groundwater monitoring well design and installation;

§  Groundwater monitoring and sampling;

§  Historical land use research, and

§  Fate and transport modeling;


Risk Assessment / Risk Based Corrective Action

ER Systems personnel have completed risk assessment programs, achieving both regulatory compliance and closure of release incidents for multiple project sites.  ER Systems is currently involved with Risk Based Corrective Action and Monitored Natural Attenuation projects at several sites in Arizona.


Remediation Services

ER Systems’ remedial strategy is to develop and implement remedial alternatives that will achieve clean up goals while minimizing or eliminating environmental liability.  This will vary from project to project depending on the intended use of each site. While standard techniques and off-the-shelf equipment are sometimes capable of meeting many remedial requirements, site-specific situations often require creative solutions. Our ER Systems team strives to eliminate unnecessary options instead focusing on those most relevant issues.  Streamlining the remedy selection process allows us to save our clients’ time and money.

A list of the remediation testing methods and implemented technologies our team members have practical experience and expertise with includes:


§          Groundwater aquifer testing including step-draw down and constant rate flow, slug testing, and air sparge testing;

§  Soil testing including soil vapor extraction testing, vapor injection/respiration testing, biofeasibility testing and geotechnical analysis;

§   In-situ soil remediation including soil vapor extraction, radio frequency (RF) heating, bioremediation, stabilization/solidification, bioventing, biosparging and biosplurping;

§   In-situ groundwater remediation including air sparging, oxygen injection, enzyme enhanced bioremediation, full scale bioremediation, biosparging, oxygen release compound (ORC) hydraulic barriers, air sparge barriers, slurry and reactive walls and free product control and recovery;

§  Ex-situ groundwater treatment including impacted surface and groundwater recovery and treatment, wastewater treatment and POTW pretreatment with air stripping, granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration, bioreactor and/or UV treatment;

§       Ex-situ soil treatment including thermal desorption, bioremediation, land farming, hydrogen peroxide treatment, soil washing, sediment and landfill caps and containment.


Data Interpretation and Reporting

In addition to collecting quality data, it is imperative to have the technical expertise of staff to interpret the data and provide appropriate conclusions and/or recommendations to move the project to the next phase and achieve regulatory compliance.  We at ER Systems are committed to presenting technical data and reports in a manner that addresses the concerns of the client, regulatory agencies and the community at large.  The ER Systems Team prepares quality technical reports, including UST Removal Assessment Reports, Site Characterization Reports, Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Studies, Corrective Action Plans, Risk Assessments, Operation and Maintenance/Performance Reports and Site Closure Reports for all phases of regulatory compliance sites.


Regulatory Development , Compliance and Interaction

Assisting our clients in maintaining regulatory compliance is a top priority for ER Systems.  Achieving regulatory compliance requires awareness and comprehension of ever changing rules and guidance relevant to the issues being addressed at the project site.  It also requires clear deliberate communication and active involvement with governing regulatory agencies.  

For the past 10 years, our Team members have fostered positive professional relationships with state and local regulatory authorities, including but not limited to, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Maricopa County, Pinal County, Pima County and the Arizona Department of Water Resources.  ER Systems actively participates in water and solid waste rule development by regularly attending ADEQ Policy Commission meetings, Corrective Action Guidance Development meetings and Stakeholder meetings.  Our active involvement in regulatory development allows us to remain current with changing rules and guidance so that we can make the best technical decisions for our clients and maintain regulatory compliance.  Knowledge of developing rules and regulations allows ER Systems to make more cost-effective decisions over the duration of a project.

In addition, ER Systems is experienced with keeping facilities compliant with federal regulations, such as, the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.  Our Team has prepared non-Title 5 Air Quality Permits, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC), performed National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting, developed Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPP) Plans, designed centralized residual waste minimization and management programs and conducted compliance training for our clients.

Insurance Limits and Capabilities

ER Systems carries sufficient insurance to conduct activities for both private and municipal clients.